Books – Shaping Careers and Lives

Books – Shaping Careers and Lives

Unsurpassed source of knowledge can be found only by reading books. A book can be a good friend of yours, it depends on your choice of book selection.

“A reader lives thousands of life before he dies” said by George R. R. Martin is truly right. Even we grew up listening that books are our true friends which cannot part or walk away from our life. A Book lover cannot express his joy of reading Book in words. If you are feeling lonely and no one is there to accompany you then Book is the best option, you just have to sit with them and then see how patiently they give you a nice company.

It’s hard to imagine that what if the writer like Munshi Prem Chandra would have not documented all his stories, what if the great scientist like Issac Newton would have not documented all his inventions, what if the creator of Indian Constitution Dr. B. R. Ambedkar has not written all the rules and regulations on paper. It is the Book which taught us the way of living, shapes our life in a beautiful frame.

Books helping in career & life

Reading Books is essential to learning and also give exposure to the reader. Whether it’s your life or your career, Books play an important role in both the cases. When we talk about career the first thing which comes in our mind is which Book we should prefer since Books are the best mentor one can ever have in their life. Reading relevant Book on a particular studying area allows a student to gain a better understanding on that area and this helps students to shape their career in a better way. For example an engineering student will always go for engineering Books not for medical Books.

Sharp memory, good analytical skill, strong vocabulary, vast knowledge of your studying area, these are the few things which play an important role when you go to start your career and all this is not possible without Books. There are plenty of Books which can help to shape up your career and meet your personal goals.

Our brain is a muscle which also needs exercise sometimes and reading Books is the best exercise for it. According to a survey Books help to reduce stress and in today’s era no one can deny that they don’t have stress in their life. Book related to Yoga, Health and Exercise, Puzzles helps a person to stay fit physically and mentally both. Including Book reading in your daily routine will also keep you mentally fit. If you stay healthy, you can also keep all your relations healthy. There is variety of Books on family and relationships which may help readers to understand and manage their family relations in a better way. Reading Book enable the creative side of a reader which is very important if you want to live your life in a beautiful way. Good Books raise the standard of living and encourage the reader when he feels defeated.

“A room without Book is like a body without Soul” rightly said by someone. The personality, the attitude, the behavior, the knowledge and the understanding can be built on a Book only. Hence always be careful while choosing Books to read, keeping this thing in your mind that which Book can shape your career and life. Always avoid the Book which may ruin the taste of your beautiful life.

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